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BONUS OFFER: 100% up to $1000 (poker only)

Betonline Poker – a quality choice for US poker players with a top three traffic rating (they are often number two). I like Betonline and recommend them to friends and family.

Especially if your credit card failed on Bovada, it will often work at Betonline. They have consistently maintained some of the absolute best cashier options for deposits and speedy cash-outs.

The Betonline Poker Table


Name Betonline Accepts US Players
Games Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Short Deck
Bonus 100% up to $1000 (poker only)
Network BOL
Online Since 2011
Software Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Instant Play

I began working with the Betonline team in late 2004 and have long regarded them as one of the top choices for online gambling in the US.

Personally I have preferred their online sportsbook and casino to the poker room. As the legit poker room choices for US gamblers shrank over the years, Betonline moved up to my second favorite online poker site.

Maybe it is personal bias, but it feels like there are more fishy poker players at Betonline than the other sites.

I think it is because they are known mostly as a sports betting site with an attached poker room. Instead of a poker site that has an attached sportsbook.

They are the best option for those of us who want to make a deposit with a credit card. Especially if that credit card failed at Bovada. Betonline has their own independent credit card processing facilities and are ahead in this aspect of the game.

Is Betonline Poker Legit?

The Betonline Poker Site

Betonline is one of the few offshore poker sites I trust and feel comfortable recommending to my friends and family. I feel they are legit based on the extensive history I have with them and their reported business practices from across the industry since 2011.

The Betonline poker room itself was launched out of the ashes of Black Friday, back in 2011. While the poker room was a new venture, the Betonline brand had been in the online gambling business since 1991 serving primarily as a sportsbook.

I first worked with the team behind Betonline in 2004. They were focused on sports betting then so I only worked with them in a limited capacity. Regardless of me being a smaller fish for them as far as their marketing partners went, they treated me fairly and ethically. They also treated other affiliates and players the same way. They have maintained a positive track record of consistent payouts, efforts for player dispute resolutions and commitment to fair practices.

Long story short, I feel comfortable recommending the BOL poker room to friends, family and you.

The maintain a gambling license from Panama which they have done so in good standing since 2004.

Any Betonline Scams or Issues?

This is not to say things have been perfect.

The biggest public relations blemish hit in the early 2017 live dealer blackjack cheating scandal. A live dealer seemed to cheat a player out of a $100 live blackjack bet via ‘second dealing’. Second dealing is a dealing mechanic where the player is given a different card than the one they should have received.

This allegation caused an internet shit-storm. Most people who have heard of the story think that BOL did indeed have a cheating dealer. The truth is a bit more complicated and it looks like it was a ploy and marketing scheme from a known huckster with a competing blackjack website that was looking to profit.

As time passed details came out about how it was really not so much of a Betonline issue and more of a contrived marketing stunt from a guy wanting to promote his latest competitor blackjack website.

It’s not that things happen in business and in online gambling, it’s how the company responds.

In this case it appears the dealer himself was to blame, not Betonline directly other than the contracting of Global Gaming Labs who provided the dealer. The dealer was fired and Betonline contracted with a new company to provide their live dealer portion of their online casino and the cheated player was made whole.


Pros & Cons

Best App for poker
Accepts players from all 50 states
Bad beat jackpots
HUD's can be used by pro's
Slower payout times for checks

How To Use Bitcoin at Betonline

There are benefits of using bitcoin at betonline to make your deposits. Most notable is the super low minimum deposit amount of only $20. They also will guarantee a successful deposit.

Alternatively the credit card and cash transfer minimum is $50.

Betonline began accepting Bitcoin back in 2016. Already three years past and they actively promoting bitcoin and other crypto for deposits and withdrawals.

The crypto they accept are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • 0x

Making a Bitcoin Deposit

  • Step 1: Obtain bitcoin for gambling (this is the hardest part if you don’t have bitcoin yet our guide show you how and where to get started safely)
  • Open account at Betonline
  • Login to your betonline account and go to cashier > bitcoin
  • Copy your send to address
  • Open your bitcoin wallet
  • From within your wallet paste the send to address, choose how much bitcoin confirm and send.
  • Your bitcoin is converted into a USD balance that you gamble with at Betonline
  • When you are ready to cash out, the balance is converted back into BTC at the market rate and you can request it sent to your latest wallet receive address.
  • Once in your bitcoin wallet you can sell it for $USD, hold on to the bitcoin or you can do spend it on whatever you want.

The Betonline Cashier is a Bright Spot

Arguably the best cashier for US facing players. They have a very high credit card acceptance rate compared to industry competitors Bovada and Ignition. They still push crypto deposits and withdrawals because of the super low fee’s and ease but they do make quality efforts to keep the barrier of deposit as low as possible.

The BOL cashier accepts most major credit cards, a variety of crypto deposits and even more deposit options like cashiers check, money order and bank wire.

You can use credit cards, Visa, Mastercard and even the gift card versions of these as long as they are accepted for international purchases.

Payouts using checks are covered once per month (up to $50) for any cash-out check fee. You can get the check in your hand within 48-72 hours in most instances, delivered via Fedex Overnight. As always deposit the check right away in your bank. I would avoid using a local check cashing place. You want to get the check cashed and cleared soon as you get it.

Additional Betonline Info

  • Positive reputation for nearly 10 years
  • Non-anonymous poker (unlike Bovada)
  • Second or third largest US based player base
  • Large percentage of recreational gamblers due to ease of deposits
  • Includes a sportsbook and online casino
  • Best at credit card processing
  • Accepts players from all 50 states in the USA
  • Accepts players from Canada
Recommended Site
BONUS OFFER: 100% up to $1000 (poker only)